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Lost Multimedia Links
18-06-2010, 04:26
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Lightbulb Lost Multimedia Links
Occasionally in RootsMagic you may need to move the folder you keep your multimedia files in, this will result in broken multimedia links. In RootsMagic 4 there is an easy way to restore these broken links.

Click "Lists"-"Media Gallery" Any links that cannot be found will have a broken chain link icon on them.
To fix this click the tools button and select fix broken links, this automatically searches files and folders for the missing media.

On occasion not all the files will be found in which case you can restore links on mass by doing the following:

1 - Open RootsMagic
2 - Select an individual that has a missing photo
3 - Click the "Edit multimedia" (camera) button and select "Person"
4 - In the right panel where it says "File" write down (or highlight and copy) the full path except for the file name e.g. "C:/Program files/my pictures/"*

*NOTE. Do not include all of the text, only the path to the file and not the filename itself. e.g. "C:\documents and settings\user\pictures" NOT "C:\documents and settings\user\pictures\freds picture.jpg"

5 - Press "Close"
6 - Go to "Search" - "Search and replace"
7 - In "Field to search" select "Multimedia filenames"
8 - In "Search for" enter the path that you recorded in step 5
9 - In "Replace with" enter the path to where your pictures are now located. If you do not know what the path is then do the following:

Windows XP
a - Navigate to the folder in Windows
b - Once you have located the folder go to "Tools" - "Folder options"
c - Click the "View" tab and tick the box next to "Display full path in address bar"
d - Click "OK". You should now see the full path displayed in the address bar. Write this down or copy it. If you cannot see the address bar then go to "View" - "Toolbars" and select "Address bar".

Windows Vista
a - Navigate to the folder in Windows
b - Right-click in the address bar and select "Copy address as text"
c - In RootsMagic, right-click in the "Replace with" box and select paste

10 - Click "OK"
11 - Click "Replace all"
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